My very first Givenchy - which one??

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking into getting my very first Givenchy bag. I'm set on the Antigona in black but I'd like to know your opinions on leather types and silver or gold hardware. Is there a "best" leather finish to get with the Antigona? Smooth or grained?
  2. There is no best just personal preference I prefer the look of the grained leather. Silver and black is my favorite combo for a purse too! Good luck :smile:
  3. There is no best leather but i guess the smooth leather is prone to scratches?
  4. The "grained" is called sugar leather and it holds up well. I have a small and medium Ant and I like the small size best. The small is perfect, still large enough for all of your things and holds it shape perfectly. I think the smooth leather is beautiful, I hear it is prone to scratches so I opted to purchase the sugar leather, just as beautiful and more durable.
  5. I am thinking of making the exact same purchase and am also stuck on which to go for. Specifically though unsure about the gold or silver hardware? I love the gold but I was really confused as to why it is so hard to find. I have heard from some Givenchy SAs in non-Givenchy stores ( Harrods etc) that the gold has stopped being made as it was tarnishing to a pink or bronze colour? Does anyone know if this is correct? Love to hear from you, thank you!
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    Hi ,
    I heard that too ,
    and I asked SA in Givenchy store in NY .
    And yes , the gold hardware is being discontinued ... she confirmed that .
    Since I'm a big fun of the gold hardware ,
    that news was very shocking to me ...
    Hopefully one day they will bring that back !

    FYI ,
    I also asked if she has any bag with gold hardware , and she has none.
    And I also checked few stores , Givenchy store , department store ,
    to see if they have any .
    Then I found that some department store increase the price for the bag with gold hardware .
    Because they're being discontinued , they 're rare to find ? I guess .
    So if you really like the gold hardware,
    you better move fast !
  7. What about the Nightingale?
  8. I'd say get an Antigona in calfskin smooth leather (been using it for 2 years and has no scratches at all!) or get the Mini Chain Pandora Box it's really cute!

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  9. It's all personal preference. I have medium ant in goatskin black SHW and I LOVE this bag!!! I'm drawn to grainy/pebbled leathers. My Chanel jumbo and YSL WOC are also caviar for this exact same reason so I think you should choose the bag that makes your heart skip a beat and you won't fear using. You can't go wrong with either one! GL deciding!