My very first Givenchy reveal!

  1. So! Anyone up for a little revealing? It's been a while since I posted in the forums, and this is my very first time(!) in the Givenchy subforum, but I recently acquired one of my absolute dream bags, and I just can't wait to show it off as much as possible!

    Anyway, we'll start off slow...with a little dustbag action! ;)

  2. Let's see it!
  3. Who am I kidding!? I have no patience! So here we go with the real pictures of my beautiful new baby - the Pandora in a beautifully crinkly washed lambskin, and the most amazing dark blue, purply color. I'm in love!!! And the best part? I got her at a ridiculous 50% off! Still can't quite believe about a steal!



  4. ...and since I'm utterly picture mad (and the Panda is so darn photogenic), here's a few more shots! Including some detail-shots and close-up modelling shot. :yahoo:

  5. And since I'm on such a roll here (and about to leave the office for the day, yey!), here's a couple of modelling shots with an outfit from a couple of weeks back. :biggrin: Yeah, Norwegian summers can get freezing and require tights and scarves! :p

  6. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a beautiful bag!!!!!!! You wear it well!!!
    I've been wanting one for such a long time now!!!! I can't believe you got it for 50% off!!!!! Was it in a boutique or?? So jealous!
  7. Sooooo beautiful! What a gorgeous color! And deal of a lifetime!!! I've been dying for a pandora!
  8. Thank you!! :biggrin: I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this Panda, and still can't quite believe she's mine. My very own Purple Panda! And yes, it was in a local boutique here in Oslo. :biggrin: They had taupe/grey Pandoras at 50% off as well, but when the SA told me this was the last of the blue/purples, I knew it was meant to be. :yahoo:
  9. I can definitely recommend getting one, if you ever get the chance! I've had mine for about two weeks now, and I couldn't be happier with her. Suuuuuper practical size with lots of handy compartments, very light-weight, comfortable cross-body strap, and easy to get into. In other words - the Panda ticks every single one of my practicality boxes!
  10. SO gorgeous and the size is perfect for you! May I ask if it's a small or medium?
  11. Congratulations on you stunning Panda! Fabulous fun color and suits your beaming happiness very well :biggrin: Enjoy!
  12. You most certainly may! ;) It's the medium, and for reference's sake I'm 176cm tall. :smile:
  13. Love the Panda, unique bag in a wonderful color, enjoy!
  14. it is beautiful!!!! and what crazy price!!! :yahoo:
  15. What a gorgeous bag and a beautiful, unique color. You look so,happy with it. Enjoy! :happydance: