My very first G - the mini Pandora box

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  1. I'm so excited to join the Givenchy club! I have been lusting over the Pandora box bag since I saw Liv Tyler carry it when she was on a stroll a few years ago. The shape of the bag is just so unique and that's what caught my eye!!!

    A good deal came up on farfetch last week so here it is! My very first Givenchy - the mini Pandora box in navy! I love the colour!!! I have so many black bags, so navy is a nice twist to the classic!!!

    I'm now eyeing the white one... But need to wait til I return from bag ban island first 🏝

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460522472.811090.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460522537.091296.jpg
  2. Wowwww it s so gorgeous! How much do you pay for it?
  3. I actually really love this...! I almost bought the slouched satchel version of this, but your new mini box is stunning. I've always loved the contrasted gold lettering-on-dark look, and Givenchy's font/logo is so nicely minimalistic.

    I'm with you on bag ban island. I just got my first Celine last week, and currently am not any more bags until my birthday in November LOL. Confessions of a shopaholic, you've got classy taste. Cheers!
  4. Love it!
  5. I adore navy, and the structured style of the panda box really brings out the architectural lines of the bag. Keeper!
  6. This is so beautiful! What a great find!

  7. Thank you! It was just under $1900aud (after 10% off first order discount). Price was too good to pass, all other mini Pandora boxes were closer to $2500!

  8. Thank you! Lets met for a drink on bag ban island! I got a Celine last month too (small box) hence why I'm on a ban!

  9. Thank you for letting me share!
  10. beautiful, congrats!!!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Have been eyeing this myself! Hope you enjoy her
  12. oh wow!! this is beautiful, congrats!! did u also look at the one with the chain strap?? i can't decide between the leather strap or the chain strap version!! i think they're both gorgeous but feel like this one is more casual since it's a leather strap while the other looks more dressy?? anyway, thanks for sharing!

  13. Hello thanks for checking out my reveal and your compliments! I did look at the chain strap version - I prefer leather strap as it looks more casual and also it has the front zipper pocket (chain version doesn't)
    I am still yet to use to the bag - today might be the day!
  14. I finally took the bag out today for the first time! I love the look of the textured leather on this bag

    I wore it cross body, it felt more secure than on one shoulder. It took a few tries but eventually I managed to work out how to get in and out of the bag with one hand!

    Very spacious inside. I swapped out over from a Chanel boy new medium and it fits everything with room to spare. It's spacious due to the wider rounded bottom.

    Here is a mod shot!

  15. I love the color congrats