My very first elephant..

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm usually at MJ forum and just lurked here.. but yesterday I just score my very first balenciaga piece.. I'm so excited! It's love at first sight and i can't stop thinking about her.. I don't even know what's the style name when i got her.. all i know that it's love! :heart: so when i got home, i googled and find a lil bit info about this clutch.. anyone else know anything about it maybe? which season does it come from? what's the retail price?

    Cherche Midi Clutch in Elephant

    gotta love the hardware, the stingray detail, the suede and the butterlike leather!
  2. Beautiful.

    What will you wear her to?
  3. I love everything about it! Congrats! Was it on sale?
  4. beautiful!
  5. thank you ladies.. i probably gonna carry her for a night out.. :yes: and yes, i got it on sale at Barneys..
  6. ^^ Love that. Do you mind if we ask how much it was?

    I could use a clutch like that for nights out.
  7. I love this line of clutches and this one is spectacular!
  8. gorgeous clutch! congrats :tup:
  9. i love oversized clutch and this fit my regular stuff perfectly.. :yes: REREsaurus, i got it on sale for $399 + tax..
  10. Wow, very nice. I too just got my first Belenciaga. You guys wouldn't believe how I found it and what I paid (got your curiosity up yet?). I don't have a clue what the name of the bag is. I believe it's a box bag. DEAL OF THE CENTURY..... As I am new to tPF, I don't know how to post a picture???? HELP!!!
  11. ^^ Love Box bags.

    You need to click one of the buttons on top of the textbox to attach a photo. Its the yellow button witha mountain and sun in it.
  12. Indi, I am stalking you here. This clutch is just gorgeous. Watch out when you're out in SF, I might just snatch it from you :P. Just kidding. Congrats hun! Beautiful cheat.
  13. Thanks. OK here goes....
    Did it work?
  14. Oooops. OK I'm an idiot. I have my pictures in Picasa 3 but can't seem to figure out how to get them into http: format????
  15. I love the piece of stingray leather.
    I know that not every body is exited over exotic leather , but i love this.
    But i think the leather is to stif to maken a nice bag of so this tiny piece is just right.
    I adore clutches not so handy to wear for a male, but lovely to look at.
    Hugs and a kis FX:heart::heart::heart: