my very first eBay listing...

  1. Hi everyone - ummm, I've just tried doing a listing for eBay - my very first listing - but its not showing up!!! I followed everything it told me to do.... ummm, is anyone able to help me???
    thanks in advance.... -o0o0o i cant believe i'm doing eBay listings - SO scary!!!!!
  2. i think the listing takes a few hours to show up on eBay...
  3. oh really???? thanks so much :smile:
  4. Good luck with the sale!
  5. They cycle in, somewhere in the listing form it says something about taking a few hours...if you want, post the auction #, if you are new to it - plus, millions have listed, and we all had to do the first one-good luck to you!
  6. Yeah, it takes up to 6 hours sometimes... theres lots of indexing and such involved in posting a listing.. plus people are listing millions of auctions each hour, so the eBay people have to index them, then they show up..
  7. :flowers: thank you so much everyone!!! you've put my mind to rest - eBay is just so scary!!!
  8. welcome :flowers:
  9. Your first listing is v exciting - I got a bit obessed though and ended up checking it every five minutes to see if anyone had bid!! Good Luck:flowers:
  10. Good luck Helen! I am about to list my first item on ebay too. I am so scared to screw it up though. LOL!!! So we are in this together!
  11. LOL...I would check every hour just to see if I had any watchers or people that had viewed my listing!

    Congrats on your first listing!
  12. Congrats Helen...I just did my first listing too 3 days ago. I put it up at 11 & it didn't show until 6 that night. It's crazy 6 hours!! I just got my first bid :yahoo: but now I'm nervous b/c I'm not quite sure if paypal/ebay sends out invoices on there own or if I have to do it...& do I need to add my banking account to receive payments through paypal, they already have my CC #. I'll ask here b/c maybe you may have the same questions.
  13. I have a listing and it also took 6 hours to show up. It was making me a little paranoid, because auctions that started after mine were being listed first. It did finally show up though!

    Good luck to you and I wish you a good buyer for your first sale!!
  14. 0o0o jag has your listing gone up on eBay??? good luck!!! :flowers: let me know how it goes - it is just so scary! its the WORLD looking at your stuff you're trying to sell!

  15. 0o0o congrats on your FIRST bid - LOL I've got like 12 watchers.... NO BIDS! Umm, I'm not too sure about what happens when the listing ends :Push: I havent thought that far yet... :Push: BUT now I'm thinking about :wlae: hmmm, I better do some research on it.... :supacool:

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL COMMENTS - the support is much appericated - eBay is just SO scary!!!
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