My very first DIOR

  1. Oh my god!! :nuts:
    I just bought this DIOR saddle bag! It'll be sent to me in a few days :yahoo:
    I cannot wait to get it!!!!! :love:
    IMG_2861.jpg IMG_2869.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous!
  3. owww'!gorgeous!
  4. Wow! That is so gorgeous! Congratulations on your first piece! Dior is an exquisite absolute favorite!
    It looks exactly like something I would personally buy (I've been contemplating a saddle bag lately). :smile: Where did you find it? And is that patent leather trim? I LOVE patent!
  5. I love it.
  6. its fantastic ! :yahoo: congratulations ! i will be in denmark in 3 weeks and if i see that bag around i will know its you and start waving frantically ! :wlae:
  7. I love it
  8. Very nice saddle! Congrats :yahoo:
  9. aww congrats on the new saddle! will it come with the bracelet too?

    enjoy your new dior! here's to many more to come! ;)
  10. Pretty! Congrats!
  11. Hi guys..
    glamourgirlpink: I found it on eBay.. :o)
    nataliam1976: wow coming to denmark!? I live in Aarhus, so if thats where you're going be sure to wave :biggrin:
    zerodross: yes the bracelet will come too!

    I sooo cannot wait!!
    Hope to get more DIORs in the future, but I've always loved the Saddle so of course this should be my first piece :o)
    Will post pics when I get it :o)
  12. Wow it's beautiful!!! Congratulations on your first Dior!

    Once you receive it, you'll find many more reasons to get more Diors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and yes, please post pics! We're picture-hungry here :biggrin:)
  13. Okay I'm crazy..
    I just ordered these :yahoo:
    So I'll be recieving 3 items now!!
    The fab bag, the bracelet and now the sunglasses :wlae: :drool:
  14. ^That's got to be my fave Dior sunglasses! It's whimsical, cute and PINK! :nuts:

  15. omg ! they are totally adorable they look absolutely yummy ! :yahoo:

    what is their name ?:confused1: thx hun !