My Very First Dior EVER!! A guy's reveal!

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  1. Just wanna share how excited I am to get my hands on my very first Dior bag ever!! You could already guess which bag I got from the title ;) It's a large DIOREVER in black!! I feel so incredibly special to buy it from the first ever Dior store as well on Av Montaigne! Anyone ready for some pics?! Lol

    I also wanna say thank you to AverageJoe and all the voices and supports i got here for me to go for Dior before my trip to Paris ;)

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  2. More pics! 😁 It's a beauty!
  3. Oh wow!!! Congratulations on your new Diorever! More pics please!!!!! :biggrin:

    I can't wait to visit the Avenue Montaigne store myself. It's actually my #1 reason for wanting to go to Paris.

  4. Lovely!!!! Congrats
  5. Mod shot please!
  6. Thank you all!! I am already using it for my trip!
    I have to say thanks for that flap a pickpocket couldn't reach into my bag in metro and I noticed her just in time then she ran away. The handles kinda blocked the flap to be fully opened so... Just need to be extra careful in Paris!!! Here is my mod pic lol don't laugh lol

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  7. So gorgeous! Your style is chic. Black is such a classic as well.
  8. Great mod shots, it looks amazing on you!!! Congrats & Enjoy!!!
  9. Congrats! So chic and looks great on you
  10. I. Love. It.
  11. Wow congrats! So stylish, sophisticated and sexy.:smile:
  12. OMG looks great on men too! I like Diorever even more!
  13. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  14. So chic it looks amazing in you!
  15. Oh my goodness! The bag looks so chic on you! Didn't think it would look so perfect on a guy. The size is also perfect.