My very first Coach EVER!!

  1. It's my first Coach!! It's a Hamptons Signature Small Wristlet. :biggrin: I got it for $31 at the Fremont, IN outlet.

    On my khaki blanket in the living room...

    Open, with my pink RAZR and money inside!

    Like it?? I do. ;)
  2. Very nice! I love wristlets
  3. Thanks! I do too, but I wish I had a Coach bag. This summer I'll have enough money!

  4. Congrats on your first Coach wristlet. Now you are hooked! Enjoy:lol:
  5. :yes: What a great price! How cute!!! Congrats!!!!
  6. Thanks, Betty Boop and razorbackbelle0!
    And yes, I am hooked! And, great price, too! My mom was like, "Well, you don't want to spend too much money, Kendall." Wait until she sees the prices on the Coach bags...
    (You say that like it's a bad thing. JK, JK.)

  7. ohhh!! congrats on your first coach item! :smile: great and can go with everything. good pick. so what do you have in mind next ;)
  8. Congratulations! This is the beginning of a big time hook!!!!:yes:
  9. congrats on your first coach! it is a very useful piece, good choice!
  10. Me too. I have developed a slight addiction to them.

    Nice purchase, kendallita! It won't be your last Coach, I'm sure! :smile:
  11. Very nice! great price too!
  12. Congratulations!! It's adorable - thanks for sharing pics :smile:
  13. Cute! I'm sure it won't be your last! :graucho::smile:
  14. wristlets = coach gateway drug...i hate to break it to you, but you are hooked now!
  15. awesome price!! CONGRATS! :smile: wont be long until you have a purse!!! WOHOOOO!