My Very First Chloe!!!

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  1. :yahoo: I JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST EVER CHLOE BAG!!! :woohoo:

    Hi everyone, my first post here on the Chloe boards, I'm gamely venturing out from my usual lurking spots over on LV for a special occasion today.. Although I've loved and lusted after Chloe bags for years, I've never gotten around to buying one. I started collecting bags last year and started seriously collecting Louis Vuitton this year, but after a good six months now of only having eyes for Louis I've been itching to get myself a big, black, super hot leather bag. Monogram is great, but every girl needs herself a great black bag!

    I was thinking of a black Balenciaga Day, but (luckily!) hadn't yet found what I was after when I spotted this gorgeous Large Betty - she's perfect for me, it was utter love at first sight!! :love:

    I've a good couple of weeks roughly until she gets here, but until then I'll be gazing longingly at these pics... :tender:

    Pic - seller's pic
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Congratulations on your first Choé purchase! It just might be the first of many as it was for me! :tup:
  3. Congrats on your very first Chloe...sure it will be the start of a collection of many :smile:
    These bags are very addictive!!! Be sure to post pics when your baby arrives!!!!
  4. Oh I love that bag. I had a version of it for a while but it had double chain link handles and it was too heavy. Yours will be much better. This bag looks so fantastic on. Let us all see how you look with it!
  5. Thanks everyone, and yes, I'll definitely post pictures of this when it arrives! I'm so excited.. and yes, I don't doubt it'll be the start of a beautiful friendship. :tender:

    On my Chloe list already are the Edith Bowler in Muscade, after seeing a gorgeous one on here, and maybe a Betty Hobo? I've only seen one but love that shoulder bag shape..

    This could be really dangerous.. my LV love started just like this too, with one single purchase, before gathering momentum snowball-style! I hope I never lose the love for Louis as I still adore so much about their bags and accessories, but it's so refreshing to be exploring a different brand now, too!
  6. Congrats and welcome Frankie!

    Next time you are in Brisbane you will have to visit Jean Brown (though I dont know if they serve champagne....)!!!
  7. Hey Frankie P...
    I was looking at the seller pic and the pic you posted from NetPorter. I see that on the seller's pic, there are 6 studs (or hardware) on the straps...but then when you look at the NetPorter pics, there are no studs on the straps. I also went to this website and noticed they don't have studs on their straps either.

    I am definitely not an expert and I have never seen a Betty close up, but looking at the pics, there seems to be a discrepency.

    But, then I did find this pic of a betty satchel with studs:'Betty'%20Satchel#

    So, there a difference in style by year or something???
  8. Hallo Bella, thank you! So who is Jean Brown? BYO champagne, then! :drinkup:

    Hi Oatmeal, thanks for your concern. I think they must differ by year, though I'm very new to Chloe. I read somewhere that there have been changes with the rings on the straps too, maybe this is another change? There's probably a Betty expert or few lurking around here who could fill us in.

    I'm very confident in my seller, anyway.. :winkiss: I'd probably not have bought a Chloe yet, not being familiar at all with the brand, had I not found a seller I trusted. :nogood:
  9. So, now I am curious...I found this pic, but it's from's a little bit different style, but it has the studs. ( (scroll down until you see Chloe section).

    I am looking Frankie P, because I am curious...a learning experience!
  10. Another thing it might be is that maybe NAP use prototype photos for their pics? Just an idea.. I know Elux don't always show accurate photos of LV items for this reason, making authentication a pain sometimes! :Push:

    You know I never noticed that NAP bag sans-studs until you mentioned it, but doesn't it look bland?! Like something's definitely missing, just that plain line of stitching.. :wondering

    The studs look much better!
  11. OMG what colour is this??! :drool:


    OOh, yum!! Is this some cousin of Paddington?

    Dang it.. see, I'm broken already! :Push:
  12. *faints* [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  13. Jean Brown is pretty much the only high end designer store in Brisbane. It's in the emporium precinct in the valley near where I work. I stand outside with my coffee before work gazing at the bags :tender:
  14. Congratulations Frankie! :yahoo:She's a beauty! Love the betty!! You hardly see it Australia (the real thing anyway)! Welcome to the club!