My very first Chloe boots! Come see.

  1. I have been wanting a pair of Chloe boots for a very long time. I love Chloe shoes in general but I never owned a pair....until now. :yahoo: Here are my new boots. I just love them. They can be worn up or slouched down a bit. I don't take the best pics. They look better in person. Can't wait until fall!!!
    IMG_1607.jpg IMG_1609.jpg IMG_1611.jpg IMG_1614.jpg
  2. lawchick, those are fantastic boots. congratulations!
  3. My goodness.. those are hot! If only I could fit my big old calves into those! lol
  4. Absolutely fantastic! Can I ask where you got them?
  5. Really hot!
  6. Gorgeous boots - enjoy!:nuts:
  7. Gorgoues boots....Chloe boots are the best and they fit in the most perfect way....Now you need the bag to match!
  8. Nice boots, enjoy:smile:
  9. ooo they are gorgeous! I love Chloe leather in deep black like this. Are they heavy paddy leather?
  10. Those boots are HOT!!! :tup::love: They are the most perfect for fall!
  11. wow, those are beautiful! Congrats! Sooo jeally...
  12. Thank you ladies! I'm in heaven. I can't wait to see if it's true that Chloe boots are really comfortable. I'm hoping that is the case.

    I don't know if they are the Paddy leather. They seem to be similar to my Betty leather but maybe a bit thicker?

    They are from Saks NYC. They are pretty snugh in the calves (especially the right one) and I don't really have big calves.
  13. OMG...those are HOT!!!! Congrats..
  14. Wow...those boots are HOT...if I saw you alone in an alleyway I'd def. have to beat you up and mug you for da boots...hehehe, don't go walking alone in the dark...:boxing:
  15. OMG, your boots are HooooT, I'm drooling here:drool: