My very first Chloe--an Edith satchel in whiskey!!!

  1. I am new to Chloe. I have to admit, I have found them too heavy and "rustic" in the past. However, I was at Neiman's yesterday browsing in the handbags and this one just jumped out at me. I HAD to have it. Plus it was on sale. With tax, it was just over $600. Such a bargain. I have a new respect for Chloe, and I have to say, this probably won't be my last bag. Thanks for letting me share my excitement.:smile:
  2. whoa! That's a bargain!:nuts: CONGRATS!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Now, it's time for us to drool buckets :drool: pics please:p
  3. Thank you!!! I will try to post pics later was 50 percent off with an additional 25 percent. I couldn't resist!!
  4. Fab deal! congrats....
  5. YAY! :yahoo: I love to hear "My First Chloe" stories! Congrats... and what a great deal :tup:
  6. What an awesome deal you got! I love the Edith & if I ever come across one at that price, I will snatch it up as well. Congrats to you! Enjoy!!!
  7. Congrats and pics please, I am trying to decide on two edith bags in the whiskey colour.

    a modelling picture would be great!
  8. Wow, great price! Great choice for a first Chloe too!
  9. Congrats!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Congrats, I, too, thought Chloe wasn't my style, until I owned one, now I'm hooked, I have several, and these sales............yikes!!
  11. Congrats!You got yourself a nice bag at a great price.I recently fell pray to the Chloe bags and find the leather quite impressive.
  12. pics please...

    is there only 1 kind of Edith satchel? or are there several?
  13. Congratulations! Great choice! Pics please!