My very first Chanel!

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  1. I thought about it quite sometime if I post my new bag as all of you have seen many reissues already and my new grey reissue isn't any different than the rest just for one thing that she's mine now.:yahoo:
    I searched almost the whole world for it and luckily I located one (with the huge help of the lovely me-love-purse) with Saks in San Antonio. It had to be shipped to Saks Beverly Hills so my dh, who was on a business trip in Anaheim, picked it up for me as in San Antonio they had problems with an international cc. Don't aks why, I never understood it. DH is such s sweetheart as he rented a car and went all the way to BH just to pick up my bag and he doesn't even like Chanel. So long story short.
    Here are pics of me wearing her and without me.:smile:
    Balgrenatvk 010.jpg reissue 002.jpg
  2. Wow, it's gorgeous and it looks great on you!
    That was certainly worth all the trouble :yes:
  3. Beautiful! Love it....
  4. wow! Beautiful! My dream bag! It looks great on you!
  5. I agree, it's so stunning! And you're lucky to have an amazing DH go out of his way to get that for you!
  6. Wahoooo! Gorgeous Tanja - I've been waiting to see your beautiful Reissue. What a wonderful DH to get this for you.
  7. Thanks ladies, you're all so sweet. I was really amazed that he did it because he's not a big Chanel fan but he knew how much my heart was st on this bag.
  8. Congrats! I love my SAs at Saks San Antonio, they are all so sweet!!!
  9. congrats, love it. And your husband is so sweet for doing that.
  10. Gorgeous! Congratz!!
  11. yay! congrats... it's gorgeous!!

    and don't worry, we LOVE pics... i think i've seen 98173270193 pics of chanel black flaps, but i still love seeing more

    p.s. your hubby is sooooooooo sweet -most would be freaked out at the thought of a 2000+ bag, not to mention having to drive almost two hours to get it! :smile: again, congrats
  12. Tanja, it's gorgeous!!! Congrats on your lovely bag!
  13. Congrats Tanja!!!! The purse is absolutely gorgeous and it looks fabulous on you! btw, DH is soooo sweet!
  14. I have this bag and love it.

    It looks great on you. Always post your bags. I'm with everyone else, I never get tired of seeing them.

  15. He actually swallowed a bit when he paid for the bag as I forgot to mention how much the tax were:graucho:
    When he had her he called me right away (it was the middle of the night here) to tell me that everything went fine and if I'd like a new DvF dress, too.:love: So he picked a matching dress for my bag as well.
    Even though we don't do Valentine's day here it was a bit like it when he came back with those lovely things for me.:heart:
    Thank you for all your lovely comments.:smile: