My Very First Chanel!!!

  1. I just took the step and ordered my very first Chanel from Saks!! I got the Medium Flap in Black Caviar with Silver hardware...I'm sooooo excited to get it, I can't contain my excitement!! There's just something about your first Chanel...right?? :p
  2. ooh congrats!!!! You are going to love it.
  3. congrats!!! post pics!! and yes, there is nothing like getting your first Chanel!!
  4. Congrats. How exciting!!! =)
  5. Thanks!! You are all so sweet, I will definitely post pics once it arrives!
  6. Oh congratulations!!!! There really is something special about your first Chanel and what a beautiful one you have ordered! I can't wait to see pics!!!!
  7. Congrats! Great 1st Chanel bag!
  8. How exciting - Congrats!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congrats! Be sure to post pics!
  11. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pictures.
  12. congrats!! hope to see pics soon.
  13. congrats!!! chanel is very addictive...once you start you just can't stop...good luck...
  14. great bag to start with.. congrats!
  15. congrats!