My very first Chanel ~

  1. I am so excited ..... my dream bag was finally here yesterday :yahoo:
    i've been dying to get my hands on a reissue since last year, but i was out of luck or was too afraid to get one on eBay. Finally thanks to fellow pf i got my dream bag ! my black 2005 reissue :wlae:I can't believe how soft it is....its so different from all my Louis Vuitton bags:p
    i've been looking at it ..... playing with it for ages since it arrived yesterday, can't wait to take it out hehehehe.....
    BTW, do i try to avoid taking the bag out while its raining ??
    me with reissue.JPG reissue 1.JPG reissue 2.JPG
  2. Wow what a beautiful purse! Yeah, rain can discolor the leather so I would try to keep it dry, maybe cover it with your coat?
  3. congrats on your first chanel, that is a great piece!!!
  4. Love this purse!!! It is my all time favorite. Congrats!
  5. so beautiful, congrats!!
  6. I love it! I always thought I preferred the Classic Flap over the Reissue but now, I think the Reissue looks beautiful!
  7. One of my fav.Congats it's just gooorgeous!:nuts:
  8. Is it the 226 or the 227?TIA!
  9. ooh so pretty! congrats!
  10. Oh, it is soooo classy looking! Congrats and enjoy:yes:
  11. So pretty! Congratulations on your first!
  12. thanks everyone for ur sweet comments :tup:
  13. This is a must have for everyone's collection. Congratulations on such a fabulous bag.:yahoo:
  14. Beautiful, classy purse! Congrats on your acquisition!
  15. congrats, i want this bag so badly!!!!!!!!!Argghhh...