My very first Chanel purchase reveal!

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  1. I have always wanted a classic Chanel purse and recently decided to purchase one as a present for myself to celebrate a major milestone. I was originally eyeing the black jumbo flap in caviar leather with SHW but the waitlist at my local boutique was "over 5 months"...Then out in the display window I saw this beauty...she had everything I was looking for without the long wait! Here she is! I'm so excited!

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  2. Wow what a gorgeous first classic flap!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  3. A great choice, congratulations! 🎉
  4. Beautiful! Congrats on your first Chanel and on reaching your milestone. I think you made a great choice since this is one seasonal and once it's gone, it's pretty much gone. The always be there for you.
  5. Beautiful! Congrats [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  6. It's really stunning. I adore chevron and this one looks perfect.
  7. Beautiful!! Something about chevron shw just amazing!! Love it! Congrats! 😍

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  8. Lovely bag!! Congrats!!
  9. Stunning, congrats.
  10. I just love this combination of black silver and chevron quilting. Gorgeous.
  11. Congrats! Love the Chanel Chevron! Welcome to the Family!
  12. Pretty bag. Congrats!
  13. Love Love Love the chevron! enjoy.
  14. Big congrats on this gorgeous Chevron! This is a great place to start your Chanel collection! Very nice! Enjoy! :smile:
  15. gorgeous! congrats!
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