my very first chanel please help!

  1. okay ladiess!! ive been wanting a chanel bag for OHH SOOO LONG!!! being a college student and work part-time i dont really have the money for it =[ so i can only read the posts in this forum and not really have anything to say since i dont own any chanel bag. BUT FINALLYY!!! i have saved up a little bit of money and the bf won some money in vegas, i finally saved up around $2400 for a chanel bag! YAYYY!! but im so upset that i didnt have the money before the nov increase and now the same bags are much much more expensive. so im hoping there are ways i can save some money. so i really either want a black caviar with silver hardware jumbo bag or a black gst with silver hardware. so if anyone one see either one online for a great price please PLEASSE let me know. if not please refer me to one of your great SA so i can order my bag. so i read on the other forum that if i order fthe purse from a Saks outside of Calilfornia ( im from san jose in CA) then the tax will be waived off? i hope you can refer me to a SA that is familar with that since this is my first time and i relaly dont know what to do :sweatdrop: any help is appreciatee!!! i cant waittt!!!!! :yahoo:THANKSS in advance!!!
  2. Hi dearie - you can also try to order from Paris where the prices are kinder:idea: Believe you are able to get a tax refund of 12% too!
  3. you can do a charge send. call the boutiques / stores from the other states (for example, i use NM San Antonio) and you'll be exempted from taxes if you order from any states outside CA. good luck ;) i hope you get the jumbo, it's my favorite bag hands down!
  4. I got my GST in NM Palo Alto from the sweet SA, Katherine. My best advice to you is go to the store and have take a look at it. Between the GST and Jumbo, you can decide whichever you like better.

    On the other, you can order out of states and save taxes. You can do a search more about that on here. HTH;)
  5. hi! i'm looking to do something very similar, i want to order a GST from a store out of state to save on taxes. does anyone know typically how much shipping i'll have to pay? i know this can range depending on the boutique or dept. store, so namely Saks or Nordstrom?

    also, mimi are you planning to get yours before feb. 1 in case there's a price increase? ahh i really hope the increase won't affect the GST! :sad:
  6. Here's the SA from Saks
    Diane (248) 643-9000 (MI)
    Angie (303) 393-6333 (CO)
  7. thanksss so much!!!

    yeah im trying to get it before feb just incase of the price increase!! with this rate ill never get one! =[