My very first Chanel piece...

  1. It's nothing much but I went to Holt Renfrew today and got myself a pair of CC logo crystal earrings!!! I love the ribbon and the receipt holder!! (Sitting on top of my brand new pink check Burberry muffler)


    My new SA is a total sweetheart, she had everything I wanted to see put aside and said she'd call me when new stuff comes in. I showed my boyfriend the pink and black Medallion totes, and the beige GST as well. My boyfriend really liked the GST.

    My SA is going to try to order a black GST with gold hw for me ASAP since there are none available in the store although she said two have shown up in their system (although they don't have the bags in) which means they *should* be receiving a shipment soon. Anyone have experience with this happening?

    I was sooo tempted to get the matching necklace but didn't want to spend so much money before my GST comes. *Maybe* around Christmas time I will, I really liked it!!!

    Here's a modeling pic:


    I loveeee these...I think Chanel earrings are my newest addiction!! :nuts:
    newearrings.jpg modeling.jpg
  2. oh yea for you!! Congrats, the seal is now broken! :biggrin:
  3. Congrats Karman! Nice to see another LV lady around here (I'm sure there are many-)

    Can't wait to see your GST!
  4. Love them, they are so beautiful. Enjoy your earnings and your future GST - great bag!!:smile:
  5. Beautiful!! such a pretty little things. heuheuhe congrats!!! also welcome to the club! :graucho: :love::heart::flowers:

    Gorgeous scarf too.. !! I have both! we're sisters now haha ;)
  6. Those are so cute, love 'em
  7. Those earrings are so cute! ;P

    So you have decided to go with the g/h GST? I checked the Bloor St store today (not the Holt's one) and I didn't see it. Unless they had one and were holding it aside for someone, but that's wishful thinking as there were only a couple other people there who didn't look like buyers.

    When are you purchasing it? I'm planning to buy it too (or the Timeless black version but I want to see it in person first because it looks like it might be too small) but I can't decide when is the best time. I don't want to get it now JUST IN CASE it doesn't actually increase Nov 1st (in which case I can buy at PSN) but then again, don't know if I want to risk it!
  8. Congrats karman! They look great on you! So excited for you that your GST'll be in soon!!! Woohooooo!!! :woohoo:
  9. And here's a closeup shot...:love:

  10. Yeah I've decided to go with the gold HW...after reviewing pics of gold hw/silver hw GSTs over and over again the gold was beginning to grow on me, PLUS I save so much money buying here in Canada! Sellers selling the silver hw GSTs are at least US retail price which is $1895 and here in Canada they're still $1825. I called Bloor yesterday and they said that they have one but it's "sold to a customer" (which I don't understand...if it's sold why is it still there?) but thank you for checking for me!

    I'm planning to buy it ASAP. As much as I'd love to buy it during PSN, I'd rather beat the price increase. I also have my Holt Renfrew AMEX now so I get like 4 or 5 points per every dollar I for the GST alone I'll get 9100 points which is a $91 gift card :biggrin:
  11. ^ love the pic!
  12. Congrats! The earrings look great on you!
  13. Thanks everyone!

    Oh oh oh I also saw the black lambskin E/W flap...I LOVE IT...I love how the leather feels...I definitely want a lambskin flap!
  14. I love those earrings :yes:, and they show up so pretty against your dark hair!:tup:
  15. looks great and sounds great - cant wait to see furture pics of ur gold hardware gst !