My very first Chanel..Black baby Cabas

  1. Hi all, to share with first Chanel is a black leather baby cabas...inspired by the bb10lue's pictures... thanks bb10lue ...
    Cabas Closeup.jpg

    cabas full2.jpg
  2. congrats :yahoo:
    black baby cabas was also my first chanel :yes:

  3. good choice!! this bag will get you far :smile:
  4. IceEarl,

    Congratulation! You will definitely love it more and more, it's such a versatile and tough bag. You don't need a lot of babying. You won't affect its true beauty no matter how you "treat" it. The most important is it's very roomy.

    I've got my dark silver cabas as well, I love it more and more day by day.....he.he...:drinkup:
  5. Thanks all.... yes PPsam, I got it this morning, and it still smells so deliciously... I know I am going to enjoy it very very much... after I've seen the brown/khaki one at the XX station, I was abit worried as it didn't really appeal to me, but when I saw my black cabas, I was so relieved, it is the right color for me... and now, while enjoying my cabas.... I am hoping that my Sa will get me my reissue....:yes::wlae:
  6. great choice, congrats!!
  7. No worry, once your name is securely placed on the waiting list, there shouldn't be any problem.
    But...may I know which reissue are you waiting?

    I am also waiting for my metallic black. After seeing the pic recently posted, I am much relieved. I know I will love it....


  8. I am eyeing on the metallic black 226 or any other size that the SA can get me... I am on 2 lists now...of which one was from your SA ;), I really hope I will get one as none of them has come back with a confirmation'', so crossing my fingers now.... do you think I should volunteer my credit card info to the SA to make sure I get on the list?
  9. IceEarl,

    What I can tell is that's my usual practice because usually I was too desparate to get the bag at the moment of pre-ordering. But I daren't gaurantee the security issue, so you really need to balance the risk vs benefit and .... see how much you want to get the bag...etc...

    Like recently my friend had such concern, she eventually decided to give the cc details to the SA, but in piecemeal. Part of the numbers via phone, part of the numbers via email...

    Sorry, I can't really help in such a big decision!
  10. Hey, don't've been great help already...I guess I will keep chasing my SAs, hope she won't be annoyed by by my çhasing emails......:p
  11. By the way, ppsam, do you mind telling me your height? I am 5'5" , do you think I can carry a 227? I have placed order for a 226, just on the safe side...
  12. haha....I am much shorter than you. You definitely can carry size 227. I saw many celebrities who's not tall or even short, can still carry 227 in a trendy and chic way. that's why I dare to buy one. Bigger the size, more chic it is for reissue in my opinion.

    Moreover, it is never bigger than your baby cabas. You can even carry cabas, size 227 is definitely not a problem.


  13. Hmmm.....that makes sense...never thought of it that way;)..... let see what my SAs can get me....I told them whatever size...tho 226 is my preference :p
  14. IceEarl,

    Don't forget to let me know which size do you pick eventually! Have a nice weekend!

  15. :heart::heart::heart::heart:the black baby cabas!! It was my first Chanel too and still my FAVORITE Chanel bag ever!! Enjoy it.