My very first BV Ombre woven wide tote

  1. Hello everyone! I'm here to share some pics of my very first BV bag, and because of her, my 2nd and 3rd BVs are on the way!:sweatdrop:
    I bought it from bluefly, and loved it at first sight. :love:
  2. Congrats on your first BV and can't wait to see your other buys! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo: The ombre tote looks like a beautiful neutral that will be classic for many years to come. Enjoy her in good health! :love:
  3. Lovely! The proportions are really great when I see it in action on you. And although I haven't seen the ombre IRL I suspect it is done with the usual BV style and finesse.

    Can't wait to hear about BVs #2 and #3 as well - any hints?!? I went also went from getting my first BV to #2 and #3 (and then #4!) in quick succession...
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! and you look great with this bag, please give us a hint on the 2nd and 3rd BV's :graucho:
  5. ^Wow, Kiki, the tote is gorgeous and you wear it so well! in fact, love the wool sweater on the first pic and the skirt on the others!

  6. beautiful, congrats on such a great purchase. Can't wait to see the other ones.
  7. Kiki, it's a beautiful bag and you wear it well.
  8. I have the small ombre tote and love it. It really can go through multiple seasons blending with dark brown or a lighter camel brown. Congratulations!
  9. Hi Kiki, the tote looks absolutely lovely on you, congratulations!! Can't wait to see your 2nd and 3rd (and more;))!!
  10. The tote looks terrific on you! Please post pics when her sisters arrive!!!
  11. That's so pretty! :girlsigh:
    You rock that bag!
    And I love your outfit too :nuts:

    Enjoy in full health!
  12. kiki- beautiful bag. the ombre bags are really versatile and a great style. enjoy your new bag.
  13. Oooo - I really like the ombre totes. You are right about BV bags multiplying! I ordered a green ombre tote from Bluefly, but had to return it because it was damaged. BV rocks!
  14. Thanks everyone for all the compliment! I was pretty much a Chloe girl before, although I admire the simple elegance of BV's for a long time. Now I'm so happy I took the plunge and got my first BV. My BV#2 and #3 are Veneta bags in different sizes and colors.
    The blouse and sweater in the first pic are from see by chloe, and the skirt is from Theory.
  15. Can't wait to see them too!