My very first Birkin :)


Oct 4, 2012
Sorry - I am not sure how to do a live reveal - but wanted to share my B and thank everyone who helped me decide :smile: - the black got the most nods but when I reached there I realized I had got the sizes mixed up! The black was 40 size and boy! Was it heavy and looked too big on me !!! Plus I already have a black box Kelly with GHW so I picked Orange ... Love it!!!
Now a trip to the spa and am hoping she will come back looking great!!!
Special thanks to Bababebi for all that she does ...and to TPF and all of you ... Thanks : smile:


Nov 1, 2007
So ... I had asked for fellow TPFers an opinion - to buy a black or orange box Birkin

And I picked one - my first Birkin :heartbeat:
Hermes Veau Box Orange 35 Birkin!!!!!!
With golden hardware :swoon:
I am in love :smile: :flowers:
Here she is ....
So nice! Congrats! May I ask how you managed to pick the combination? I too am hunting my first birkin, but my sa has not offered anything yet.