My very first BE !!!!

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  1. Hi ladies:
    I use to be a Chloe girl but I needed a change so...
    Introducing my very first BE. A bespoke black crash Hold Me :yahoo:.
    It´s a great bag and no weight at all :yahoo:...
    Two shots of the bag and a poor modeling one.
    BE1_1.jpg BE2_2.jpg ConBE_1.jpg
  2. Wow thats looks great - congratulations
  3. A photo at last! Great bag and you look so cool with it.
  4. Thanks Rosie and Jenova :heart:.
    It´s a very cool bag :okay:...though I prefer a Chloe one...
  5. beautiful choice!
  6. Gorgeous bag! I do not remember seeing a picture of a black Hold Me before. It seems to look good in almost every colour. Congrats! :tup:
  7. That is really a cute bag! Congratulations!
  8. lovely choice for your first BE! i love my Hold Me. You are right, it is such a light bag and it's so useful.
  9. Congrats - it looks great!
  10. Congrats with this great bag! It looks marvelous!!
  11. You will love this bag more and more as you use it. Black crash gets really soft and slouchy -- and this bag will become your new best friend.
  12. There's something about black crash with the fuschia silk lining that looks killer!!

    You look great! Thanks for posting pics!!!
  13. As i said before, lovely bag... black crash looks very nice in the Hold Me... we really have to meet up again so that i can experience black crash irl... i promise to take my Betty along!
  14. I agree - black with the fuchsia lining is just stunning!

    A fantastic choice and you look lovely wearing it!:supacool:
  15. Great first bag! Can't go wrong with black crash imho and it looks great on you!