My very first Bbags =)

  1. Thanks to some WONDERFUL tPFers (thompk & realdealcollections) I have acquired my very first Balenciaga bags =) Here are my new babies :smile:

    07 Aqua Giant brief


    Black Le Dix/First


    07 Vert Gazon Giant Day :heart:


    I love them so much! I'm just waiting on my Magenta City from BalNY and i'll be complete!! ;)
  2. I adddoooree that Aqua! I'm here waiting with you on the Magenta too! :yes:
  3. WOW:nuts: beautiful choices. :tup:I love your VG Day.:drool: Congrats and enjoy them.:yahoo:
  4. congrats!! great bags and beautiful colors!
  5. Gorgeous bags!!! congrats on a new and fabulous collection
  6. Love them! Great first bags...I love the Aqua with GH, and the black first is perfect! Congratulations!!!
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Wow! :drool: Gorgeous bags! :love: Congrats!:choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:
  8. the vert gazon day is :heart:!
  9. congrats!!!! i'm in love with the aqua....
  10. What a great collection. I love the vert gazon!
  11. They are all so nice! I love the aqua !!
  12. The aqua is so dreamy, congrats!
  13. wow congrats!!! Your bags are gorgeous!!!
  14. Those are some beautiful bbags to be your first ones...I love them all!
  15. Your bags have such gorgeous leather!!!

    I think everyone's been so anxiously waiting for the Magenta arrival. My sister ordered one and I think I'm more excited than her! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::rolleyes: