My very first Bbag


You can call me Jenn
Feb 11, 2008
I've been eyeing the Day for a while, and I stopped in NM today to see it in person, since I've only really looked at the City and Part Time and other rectangular shapes before. This black one came home with me, and I already love it so much I'm considering other colors (navy? sapphire?).



Sep 27, 2008
Love it! We're bbag twins I just got my first bbag last week, a black day also. Mine is very deep black like yours and I love it. I've loved the day for years and never really liked the other shapes so much. Now I see the leather and the colours and how the other shapes look when they're worn in I'm considering maybe a city or something. It won't be for a long while though, as I'm totally broke and I already feel bad for spending so much on a bag in the current economic climate! I can still live vicariously through all of you though, so many beautiful bags!