My Very first Bbag!

  1. Hey Everyone!!

    I just went to Bal NY and exchanged my Magenta 08 Twiggy for this wonderful Virmillion 07 Twiggy.

    I am absolutely in love with it. Here are some pics of my first time wearing it!!

    Bag.jpg bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag3.jpg
  2. awesome choice! I would choose red over pink ANYDAY!
  3. What a fantastic first bbag!

    Looks great on you!
  4. Congrats on your first b, very pretty!
  5. it's hot! congrats! (i thought you said in the earlier thread it's 08 vermillion?)
  6. Oh she's gorgeous! Great choice, I love it ... congrats!
  7. HAWT!!! Why did you switch from Magenta to Vermillion? She looks great on you anyway :smile:
  8. Fab color - congrats!
  9. Beautiful! And she suits you.
  10. :tup:Congrats!! You and your Bbag look fabulous together!
  11. congrats LOOK GREAT on YOU ! :tup:
  12. I usually vote Magenta over red *unless it's 04 Red or 07 Tomato :yes:

    But in 08 Magenta case, I will go for Vermillion..

    Looks so good on you! :yes:
  13. Great choice!!! I am HUGE on pink but unfortunately REDs always win over PINKs for me.
  14. I love the red...the leather looks great....congrats :smile:
  15. The vermillion looks beautiful!! Congratulations on your first bbag - it's good that you went with the one that you really :heart:!!