My very first Bbag - Ocean Day with GSH! Love it! ~pics included~

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share my new love, this is is my very first Bbag. I have always gone to and fro and for the longest time, I have limited myself to LVs. (LV is still my first love), but I wanted a smooshy leather bag and looking at the pics here really made me want a Bal.

    I got her at a recent overseas trip and the tax returns made her cheaper. Not to mention that stocks are pathetic and I never get something I want. I had wanted a city, but I fell in love with this one the moment i put her on my shoulder. :girlsigh:

    Introducing my Ocean day with GSH! :yahoo:

    I am certainly looking to adding a city and a twiggy to my collection, though I will have to let go a few of my LVs.
    DSCF0055.JPG DSCF0056.JPG DSCF0058.JPG
  2. Congrats and welcome to the Ocean Day SGH family! Your bag is beautiful and you look fabulous modeling it! :heart:
  3. Oh WOW! I LOVE the ocean with SGH! What an incredible combo - CONGRATS!
  4. WOW!!! :nuts: :tup:That's a gorgeous combo!! I've only seen ocean IRL once, and it looked a lot darker then somehow. The color on yours is much prettier! Congrats!!
  5. Very Nice.... combo... love it. cOngrats on your 1st bBag... :tup:
  6. Gorgeousness!!!

  7. Thanks ladies! I do love the colour and I hope she stays perfect the way she is!
  8. very pretty. congrats!
  9. Congrats on your new bag. She is perfect!
  10. What a stunning bag! Congratulations!
  11. congrats! GGH blue bbags are just fabulous!
  12. What a Beautiful combo........!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. Congrats and welcome to a new "obsession":p
  14. Congrats!! What a gorgeous combo, it looks great on you too!! :tup:
  15. Congrats on your new bag and new love. :tup:

    I, too, have been falling in love with B bag since I got my first pair of Matelasses. I really love the softness and slouchy-ness of the bag. Really can't get enough of it. :p
    Another Brief is on its way and I'm planning to get a city and a work later on.
    So I've been cheating on my first LVoe ever since. :shame: