My very first BBag is on her way!!!

  1. I'm so excited!!! :nuts: After going back and forth between colors, and finally narrowing them down to the Caramel 05, Camel 06, or the Truffle 06 I finally took the plunge and ordered my very first BBag today....the F/W 06 Truffle Twiggy!!! I've poured over every single photo each one of you has posted of their bags. I read every detail about all the different styles, and I think I've picked the right one for me. Bill at Bob Ellis in Charleston was GREAT. Anyone looking for a specific bag should get on their mailing list and Bill will send you updates on their inventory along with a password to get access to pictures of the bags they don't post online (Balenciaga, Chloe, Prada, MJ, etc.) They just got in several new colors/styles for F/W.

    zacorey :heart: , xochrissie, powderpuff100, lorib, ttucker, nanaz, fiatflux, messengerbaglover, and a few've all been so helpful and patient!!! Thank you! :flowers:
    Pics to follow soon! :love:
  2. Congrats, I am very happy for you, hope to see pictures soon...!
  3. What a great feeling to get your first Bbag! Congrats to you! I havent yet seen a Twiggy in person, but I know I would love them! Its next on my wishlist. Post pictures when you get it! YAY for you!:heart:
  4. DEB~ you know I am so excited you are getting your Bbag! :yahoo: YIPPEEEE!!!!!:yahoo: I am just as excited as you are!!!!!!!!:biggrin: You know you're going to buy more right after you get it~ don't ya!:lol:
  5. catcat and oh donna...thanks so much! I changed my avatar...that's the actual bag I ordered from Bob Ellis but I will post much larger ones when I get it ,I promise! catcat...your baby is adorable!!

    Zac...I know you're excited too!! This is so much fun...having people share the excitement! :party:
  6. Hooray for you!!! (you do realize that you will become broke now don't you:shame: ?) We wanna see pics asap!
  7. LOL!!!! Remember when SJP said on SATC..."I want my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet"??? I thought that was brilliant! :lol:
  8. Congratulations. :flowers: what a great feeling, buying your first! It lasts about a minute before you need another one. But it looks like you've been forewarned and dove in with full knowledge. So welcome, I say!!! You've picked a gorgeous color, very versatile and yummy.

    Be careful to keep the drool off the gorgeous leather until you've treated it. :drool:
  9. :lol: Thanks!! I'll do my best!!

    I know I saw a thread somewhere around here about exactly how to treat the leather. I need to look that up and buy the products I need. Does everyone here use the same stuff on theirs or does it depend on the color? I have so much to learn! :shame:
  10. Excellent choice. I love the truffle color. Congrats!!!
  11. ooooh, how exciting! I can't wait to see pics, congrats girl!
  12. debsmith :yahoo: CONGRATS :yahoo: can't wait to see pics!!! CONGRATS :yahoo:
  13. oooooh so pretty! nice choice of style and color!
  14. Congrats! The truffle is truly a beautiful color!
  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

    xochrissie...I didn't have to pay tax at Bob Ellis so it saved me almost $100! If they didn't have though, one I was gonna call you tomorrow!
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