My very first BBag is here!!!

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  1. hi everyone!!

    yay!! i'm so excited because my bbag is here!! :yahoo: can i just tell you how much i love my bag?! she's gorgeous!! and 110% authentic! the first thing i did when i received my bag was study the atelier.naff and compare my bag to the information on that site painstakingly, and i'm proud and totally stoked that everything checks out 100%! :wlae: i don't have a digital camera, but my brother is supposed to come home this weekend, so hopefully i'll be able to borrow his and post some pictures up! here is the link to the auction that i won: eBay: 100% Auth BALENCIAGA Medium City Handbag Bag '06 Black (item 200048288743 end time Nov-23-06 02:27:12 PST)
    i know most people were skeptical of this seller because of the negative someone left regarding a "fake" MJ bag. i don't know, maybe it's not my place to say, but i thought the MJ bag looked 100% authentic, but then again, i'm no MJ expert! :P anyhow, i just followed my gut feeling, which was to trust this seller (i know, i'm crazy, huh?!) and boy am i so very, very glad that i did because i really love my bbag!! and i can't wait for my next purchase!! it probably won't be for another while, seeing how they're quite pricey... hehe. anyhow, thanks to everyone on this site for your amazing support!! i just wanted to share my happy news with everyone! bye! :heart:
  2. ooo great deal nice. congrats
  3. Congratulations!!!

    BTW, sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and forget the drama. Good for you.
  4. Congrats.
  5. congrats!!!!
  6. You got it in a very good deal! congrats
  7. congrats on your new bag!!! the city is a really good size.
  8. Nice bag. May it be the first of many!
  9. Congrats! :wlae::yahoo:
    You're in the deep end now... watch out! This will be the first of MANY bbags! :graucho:
  10. GREAT price for a gprgeous bag! Congrats on your first!
  11. Congrats this is really a great deal on a true classic!
  12. hey smurfling, I saw that auction. Great deal, congrats!
    Post Pics soon....:smile:
  13. Congrats U won`t regret this buy.:yahoo:
    It`s lovely and a great size:yes:

    Good Luck FX:heart:
  14. Congrats and wowie... in such a great price too! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  15. Congratulations! What a beautiful and classic Balenciaga.