My very first BBag is Here!!!

  1. It's finally here :P!! It just arrived today.....on my birthday! How cool is that?

    I bought an Ink First from BNY last Sat. Joseph was so helpful in selecting the least distressed ink first that they had and he said that it would arrive this friday....but it's here!!!! :yahoo:

    I soooo love this bag!!! Now I know what you ladies have all been raving about. And the ink colour is so gorgeous. I'm taking photos right now and will upload it later tonight.

    Thank you again for all of you that helped me find and decide on purchasing this bag.

    I have just one question though, it seems as if the leather on the bottom of the bag, around the buckles and the top trim of the bag came from a different batch than the main leather on the front and back of the bag. The bottom of the bag is much more distressed and shinier than the front and back of the bag. Is that how your ink bags are? I'll show you what I mean with the photos tonight.

    I'm so happy. Today will be a great day!
  2. Congrats, hobbit! Can't wait for the pics! btw, I think the leather varies on all sides of the bag, for ink or any color.
  3. cool! Can't wait to see, don't forget to watermark!
  4. Yay! Happy Birthday and Congrats!
  5. Oooooh, yes! Happy birthday, hobbit!
  6. yippy, congrats & welcome to the club hobbit8642!!!
  7. congrats hobbit on your ink post a pic :smile:
  8. Happy birthday! I love my ink first sooooo much. If I don't carry it, I miss it. The leather does vary like that, mine is like that too. Just makes it more unique. Can't wait to see pics!
  9. :flowers: H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y. :flowers:

    post pic! post pic! Congrats on the new INK First!!:lol:
  10. :biggrin: Congrats!!
  11. Happy B-day and congrats! Let the obsessing begin! :biggrin:
  12. Happy Birthday!!!!! :yahoo: What a great day for the lovely ink first to come to you!
  13. hobbit, happy birthday! congrats on your first bbag. i'm sure it won't be your last either. have fun showing her off!
  14. Happy bday!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  15. awesome! what a friggin' awesome birthday present! happy birthday!