My Very First Bbag (Cafe City) has arrived!!

  1. :yahoo: hi everyone!! so my cafe city has finally arrived! and I just loved it, at first, when I looked at it..I was like..omg..this is soooo dark :wtf: and I had my doubts cuz on mine..there were no undertone or what so it seems.. :push: but the more I look at it, the better it looks.
    here are some pictures that hgbags took of it (my digital camera is not functioning right now but it's in I'll take MORE when i have it back:rolleyes: :heart: )



  2. :yahoo: Congrats on your new bag!

    I have a Cafe City too and I love it! :heart:

    Perhaps when you get it out in direct sunlight you will see the beautiful red undertones - they are there lurking somewhere I assure you ;)
  3. Congrats!!!! Getting new bags are always a thrill!!

    Tho she looks rather dark in the pix, but still very very beautiful! Enjoy her!!!
  4. Congrats!!
  5. Cafe is a great, rich brown. Congrats on the new bag and a great choice!
  6. Ooooo.....I love the Cafe!!!! Enjoy!!! :drool:
  7. Lovely. Cafe is such a GORGEOUS color.
  8. I think it loks dark because she took pics inside. I ordered an Aqua City from her and I can't wait to get it! CONGRATS on your new beauty!
  9. Congrats I really like café a women can never have enough brown bags!!!
  10. Congratulations! Cafe is such a beautiful color! Enjoy! :smile:
  11. :love: congrats on your first baby! enjoy!
  12. The cafe color is sooooo pretty!! Congrats on a great choice for your first bbag.
  13. Congrats really love the yummy cafe colour!!!
  14. thanks everyone :heart: I can't wait for my camera to be fixed so I can take some pictures of me with it on :yes:
    I treasure it so much that I've already had it for 2 days and I still have yet to take it out for a stroll :sweatdrop:

    thx everyone for your support and helping me pick this bag as my very first bbag

  15. I love Cafe'. Congrats on your new bag!:yahoo: