My Very First BBag, but...

  1. I finally did it and bought myself a bbag!!:yes: I've been wanting one for awhile but just never took the leap until now. I've always been a Gucci and LV fan. :drool:

    So, I bought a 2005 First in Sky Blue off eBay! I think I got a pretty good deal and it was never used. My bbag arrived today and it's exactly as described. I love the color but I did not realize how small the bag is! I currently carry the large Gucci hobo (Jessica Simpson bag) I love big bags!! :heart:

    Now, I'm thinking of getting the city, but I'm not sure how much bigger that bag is. Should I sell this bag and get myself a City? BTW, is the strap suppose to be short? Thanks. :shame:
  2. I'm about to get a Greige First...I'm SO excited! I have a black City, grenat Part Time and a maroon Weekender. I use my City ALL the time. I say keep the First for days your just running around and save up for a City to use when you need a bigger bag. CONGRATS!!
  3. I think the firsts are so cute but every time I see one in person, I just couldn't get excited about the size. Definately get a city. It's up to you whether you will use the first or not. I think it would be a nice bag to have but I wouldn't want it more than my city.
  4. congrats on your new b-bag - welcome to your new addiction. :flowers:
  5. congrats on your first bbag! Sky blue is a lovely lovely color, but if the first is too small or the strap too short for you, then yes, go for the city. It's very much bigger and its strap is longer too. Sky blue cities do pop up on eBay once in a while, so good luck!
  6. I know exactly what you mean. I just bought blueberry first unseen and even thought the bag is is so small. I will keep it for awhile and use it when I go out at night. The strap is far too short for my chubby arms haha Maybe I will be motivated to join the gym and lose some weight for my bbag:graucho:
  7. congrats on your new bag!!! See how much of your stuff you can fit in a First, if it doesn't work for you, then resell it and apply that money towards a city! I love the city!!!!
  8. rclimbing--you definitely got a GREAT deal on that auction! Congrats!