My very first Bbag..and 2nd...and 3rd...and 4th..

  1. Hello ladies!! I thought I'd share my little collection with you, I have been bitten by the Balenciaga bug about a month ago and have started my collection since..I have gotten my hands on a few but still got a number on my wish list goes!!:p

    1. City Marigold/Jaune 2007
    2. City Vert Foret 2007
    3. City Greige 2006 (thanks to a fellow tPFer!)
    4. Coin Purse Greige 2006
    5. Twiggy Tomato 2007
    6. First Marine 2007
    wish list:
    03 Emerald Twiggy
    05 Magenta City
    05 Magenta Coin Purse
    05 Turquoise City
    06 Cornflower Twiggy
    06 Blueberry City
    06 Eggplant City
    07 Vert Gazon City/Twiggy
    07 Vert Gazon Coin Purse
    IMG_2256_resize_resize.JPG IMG_2257_resize_resize.JPG IMG_2255_resize_resize.JPG IMG_2258_resize_resize.JPG
  2. Welcome to a neverending addiction...I especially love the greige it's such a great versatile color!
  3. Here's couple more...
    IMG_2254_resize_resize.JPG IMG_2268_resize_resize_resize.JPG
  4. Cat, I am goin poor soon :lol::upsidedown:, I cant wait for the new S/S 08 Collection!!!
  5. wowz, you have half of my wishlist items. congrats, great collection!
  6. Wow! looks like you've been busy! Congrats on your collection! :wlae::yahoo:I love the pine especially!:tender:
    You are officially addicted (especially with that wish list!:sweatdrop:)
  7. I love your greige city! congrats on your beautiful baggies!
  8. Very nice collection! I luuuuuuurve the Juane City!
  9. ACK what a beautiful collection you have :love:

    I absolutely love your Tomato and Jaune, and Greige, and Marine, and VF..I love EVERYTHING :nuts:
  10. :woohoo:What a great collection!

    That's a lot of Bbags in a month!! Way to go!!
  11. Great collection!!!!
  12. Glossie, Simona7, Addicted Ali, Badgergirl, aki_sato, & pursendipity thanks, ladies !!!:graucho: I would have to say my favorite at the moment is the Tomato Twiggy, but I am definitely waiting for the EB!!:girlsigh: I cant wait til they come out!!! :hysteric::sweatdrop:
  13. Twiggers dear, thanks bunches :yes:
  14. wow! what a gorgeous collection! thanks for sharing these with us.
  15. wow great collection!! you have been busy this past month huh? I love all you bags especially the tomato!! congrats on all your lovely purchases!!