My very first Balenciaga... please help!

  1. So I'm looking for my first B-bag and I've been set on the giant hardware, specifically any blue with gold GH. Can you help me with these questions?

    1) Does anyone have the A/W glacier blue with Gold GH?
    If so, is it a versatile color?
    2) Do you like the regular hardware or gold hardware better on B-bags?
    3) Should I do the glaier blue or the violet/purple of A/W 07?

    Thanks so much!
  2. 1) no
    2) idk
    3) RH, but I also like SGH (not GGH)
    4) I prefer the violet but if you want a blue bag with GGH, why not wait for the upcoming 08 colors sky blue and electric blue?

    Good luck!