My very first Balenciaga Bag!!! So excited!


May 19, 2006
Now, someone tell me all about it!:P

I got this for Christmas and it is from Saks. The tag says it is called a Box. It is a gorgeous dark forest green color. And the fabric of the bag is a type of hair. Not sure what kind of hair.

I am so in love with the shape and color. I can't believe I finally have one!!! And I do not think this will be the last!:yahoo: :yahoo:

It's so cute. Congrats!!!
(I don't know why they don't sell bbag in Saks and NM in Chicago.)
BTW, do you think pony hair bbag is a winter bag?
I like the pink one, but I'm not sure if it could be used all year around...
:yahoo: Congratulations Grace!!
That is a beautiful bag!!
It seems that different people do different things with the mirrors.
Some keep them in their bags and others store them away.
Personally, I store mine away in the dust bag with the extra tassles and tags.
And you are completely correct about it not being your last bbag!!!
They are soooo addictive ! :yes::amuse:
Oooh! Congrats!! I love the way the pony hair shimmers! I am so happy for you! I still have a special soft spot for my first Balenciaga. Not sure if very many people feel that way too. Enjoy your beautiful bag!! :nuts: :nuts: