my very first balen, navy (indigoish) blue or caramel almond brown?? help me!

  1. i am purchasing my very first balen motorcycle bag... which color should i go for?? navy indigoish blue or caramel almond brown?? help! blue is great but not for smart casual, brown is charming but too ordinary!!! helpppp...
    these pics are only for color reference... i'm still goin for the medium motorcycle...
    here's the blue [​IMG]

    and here's the brown [​IMG]

    so?? which will last longer?? in terms of fashion...

    thanks guyss...
    help me i'm totally lost... and i've got no clue....
  2. Both are great but I'd go with the blue. I have a cornflower blue City bag and LOVE it. You can pretty much get a carmel colored bag anywhere.
  3. Depends on the pallette of your clothes. If most of your clothes are earth tone, browns, beige, tan, olive green, yelow, then go for the brown.
  4. I am going to vote for the blue as well. I also own the cornflower and the color is just stunning!
  5. you cant go wrong with either!
  6. Blue! I love it!:biggrin:
  7. I love the cornflower! Its such a great color blue- and will be so versatile!

  8. Definetely go blue! Here is my indigo blue Twiggy:biggrin:
  9. OOPS:shame: guess a picture would help!
  10. i'm not keen on blue so would opt for the tan/cognac, however i agree by what someone has said, you can pretty much get a tan bag anywhere so for something like balenciaga, i would opt for a more statement piece with a great unique colour.
  11. No question - I would go with the blue on this one. First of all, as everyone else has already pointed out, you can get another bag in that Tan color anywhere and the Cornflower is a prettier, stand-out color. It's fairly versatile too.

    But secondly, the leather on this season's Tan is awful - really bad - way worse than the other colors - so that makes it an even easier decision. If it was another season, your choice might be more complicated, but I'd go with the Cornflower if I were you.
  12. oh no i was contemplating the cognac style101! what's wrong with the leather and why is it awful? :sad:
  13. I don't think the leather is awful, I just think it is different. If you don't mind the distressed look, I doubt you would have a problem with the bag. The current season's leather is more distressed than the previous season's bags have been. Many people are not fans of the newer leather. I like the fall 2005 bags the best because they were distressed, but they weren't extremely distressed. I thought there was a nice balance in the fall 2005 bags. The distressing became a little heavier when the Spring 2006 bags came out. The bags prior to fall 2005 were softer and smooshier. I think I'm in the minority on this one, but I almost prefer the distressed coated look on many of the colors. The leather softens up with time, and some of the shine comes off the bag as well. I honestly feel like the bag as such is much more durable. I have always felt the need to baby my softer bags more because they seem more delicate. I like to be able to pick my b-bags up and go, and not have to worry about being extra, extra super-duper careful with them.

    In terms of the cognac/tan, I personally think the distressing on this shade looks cool. It has a very rugged look, and the shade can pull off the distressing better than some of the other colors can. I think the emerald bags in particular look very veiny, and although the cognac bags can be veiny, I think the veininess works with this particular color. It's all a matter of preference really.