My very first Bal !! The winner is a Galet GSH City !!


Jan 25, 2010
Paris, France
Hello ladies !!
A few days ago I asked your opinion about a Tempete bag (by the way thanks a lot again for your nice answers !!) , and I was really close to buy the Tempete GSH Day. But I was still hesitating, and not 100% sure even if it looked really good, I don't know why, maybe because for my very first Balenciaga, I was tempted by one of the famous format like city or work. But I couldn't decide, it was so hard to choose between colors, styles and RH, GSH ... Today, I decided to try a lot of different bags and to choose ! And finally the miracle happened in the mirror with Galet GSH City !! The love at first sight lol !:yahoo:
It's very neutral, so I'm sure to wear it a lot, that's awesome !!
By the way the sales lady told me that there will be a light pink, a beige, a khaki and a dark blue for next F/W season

So, time to introduce the new friend :biggrin:



Jun 7, 2008
Well French, had you mentioned this little beauty in the other thread then it would have been very easy. This is a fantastic combo and I love Galet :woohoo:
You look great with it.
Many congrats and enjoy it!


To Bal bags
Oct 18, 2006
Lovely bag and you are a lovely lady! Congrats on a great combo and such a wearable combo too. Mmmmm, khaki for FW??? That sounds interesting. I hope it isn't a green khaki but a beautiful tan brown khaki.