My VERY first BAL purchase and it's NOT a bag :)

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  1. Hi all...

    I am usually in another sub-forum, but today I'd like to share my very first Balenciaga purchase with you gals... it's the Money wallet in Indigo! I love it!!! As soon as I am done with my purse ban, I'll be hieing myself off to the closest Bal store and pick me up a City or a First... I love the colors Balenciaga comes in... your pics here always make me think of rainbows and happy thoughts!

    Anyway, I would also like to get your opinions. When I first got the wallet, I thought the store I had gotten it from made a mistake and sent me a black one. I almost packed it right back. But when I took a closer look, it does look a smudge lighter than the black. Is indigo really this dark?

    Thanks all.
    IMG_4892-comp.JPG IMG_4894-comp.JPG IMG_4901-compNF.JPG
  2. Hi Marose.. welcome & cOngrats on your 1st Balenciaga piece. Your money wallet looks black to me. :confused1: The only Indigo I can think of coming close to would be the s/s 2008 Electric Blue. I think you should call the store back up and tell them they must've sent you a black wallet rather than a Indigo colored wallet. You can cruise through the seasons colors through the reference threads, if that helps. Let us know what happens~!
  3. It's pretty, congrats!

    I need one of those too one of these days!
  4. Thanks oogiewoogie and SweetPurple...

    I did check the thread OW, and I found a thread on the black v blue money wallet where people commented that the blue couldn't be indigo as bluefly labeled it (that's where I got this from)... people were guessing either plomb/steel.

    Since I got it off at bluefly, i hope i got a good deal on it. If so, then I'll just keep the wallet, although I would rather it have a bit of color other than black, KWIM? But since this is my first Bal piece, I am still excited over it... The leather feels soft, smooth and "light" - not a heavy feel at all- kind of on the "thin" side... I still like it though.
  5. Cool Deal... I like Bluefly... when they get the colors right!. I recently sent back a bag they sent me in the wrong color.. they got Charcoal mixed up with dark brown... go figure...:confused1:. cOngrats on your new purchase! ;)
  6. It looks black or steel to me, but it's still beautiful! Congrats on your first bal purchase!
  7. looks gorgeous! i say keep it. :smile:
  8. Congrats!

    It looks black to me, but since you say it's a bit lighter, it's probably Steel/Plomb.
  9. congrats on your first purchase!

    it looks black to me... but if you like it i say you should just keep it!
  10. I have steel and it's def. not steel as steel is noticeably dark lead-ish grey with blue undertones. This looks black to me too! But it is gorgeous! I HAVE always wanted a black regular hardware money wallet.
  11. Hmmm... black you all say? now you've got me all thinking... I mean black is OK.. I have nothing against black... BUT I really wanted a Bal in color... I mean that's what Bal is known for, right? This is going to be my only Bal purchase as I am going on a ban for a while... It may not be until next year that I get to buy a Bal bag... Maybe I should just return and wait until they have one I really really like???

    I'll try again to take another pic (this time with a black something in the background) and if you don't mind, I'll post it here to get your opinions. I really want to make this work (I hate returning!). BTW can anyone tell me how much money wallets usually go for? In reg stores? And does it ever go on sale?

    THANK YOU all so much for your inputs. I truly appreciate them!

    P.S. oogiewoogie... tell me about it... I've ordered from BF a few times and all my orders were always correct until last week... they sent me one that is the wrong size and another item that is completely different! Well at least I didn't have to pay for return ship, although I missed out on both items because they don't have them anymore... bummer!
  12. I don't think it's black, the zipper tape is too light. Plomb most likely. Lovely.