My very first Bal... **A reveal**

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  1. Hi there!!! I wandered over from the CL subforum after seeing many beautiful Bals being revealed in the non-CL purchases thread and I am now a proud owner of a brand new baby... Anyone wanna see?

    Here I am with my loot after leaving the NYC boutique on the west side (MAN, IT IS FARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I had to take a train and bus and walk to get there!)
  2. I'm here!
  3. So... A little background... I saw a reveal from the lovely carlinha and decided that it was time for a Bal of my own... I went down to the NYC boutique after work one day only to realize that they were sold out of what i wanted. :cry: The lovely SA checked the inventory but there was nothing to be found... however she took my number and said she would do a little more investigating... heavyhearted, I left empty handed.

    THANKFULLY, i get a call from her later that evening saying that she managed to find one for me... they had some hidden at eComm and that she was having it sent over on Friday... Can we say :woot:

    so... on Friday afternoon, I made that arduous trek again.... and boy, was it worth it! it was even more gorgeous IRL!

    tadah! :nuts:

  4. Hi Luv! :smooch:

    It's a little one....
  5. A live oneeeeeeeee:woot::woot::woot:
  6. Waiting!
  7. heheee... hello, liz and joyc3!

    Any guesses yet? :graucho:
  8. Mhmmm OPENOPENOPEN (:
  9. Hmm.. "Little one?" Hip? I'm just guessing here lol
  10. Wait.. But your paper bag doesn't look little... A First?
  11. I'm with Joyc3...a first??
  12. A First??
  13. heehee... ok i won't drag this out any more...

    Envelope Clutch with Giant Silver Hardware in Coquelicot :hbeat:
  14. Here are some better daytime pictures...

    I wanted to also thank lilflobowl for helping me with my decision making! :smooch: you're the best, V!

  15. It's beautiful!! CONGRATSSSS (:
    Your first Bbag is amazing.. plus it matches your CL shoes:graucho: