My very FIRST B-bag

  1. I never thought I'd get a B-bag. I really thought maybe they were for younger, hipper (and skinnier) girls. A friend told me I should consider one, so I decided on a PURSE in Ink. It was the last one in this color at Bal NYC. Joseph helped me and he's a doll.

    This bag is very dark in color and has very little veiny-ness to it. Its also pretty matte. (There are some brown areas above the outside zipper- that is the photo and not the bag.) I think I got lucky. I really, really like this bag. Its the perfect size and it is light as a feather. Even my husband commented that he thought it was a really neat bag.
    I am glad it's a new member of my collection!!! :love:

  2. hey ya!
    im so glad your friend convinced u to grab a b-bag! your ink purse looks wonderful! congrats!!!!!! :love: once you've had one b-bag - you'll want more!
    thanks so much for sharing!!!
  3. Yeow baby! Love that bag and welcome to the B-bag club. You're venturing into a dangerous obsession. :amuse:
  4. You and your husband have great taste lol! Welcome to the ink club as well as the b-bag club!
  5. WOWWW :love: That is soo gorgeous, and truly unique! I havn't seen anyone with an ink purse yet! Beautiful choice :heart: :smile:
  6. Congrats, Roo! It's beautiful!
  7. I really like that color in the Purse! Congrats!
  8. congrats! looks like black which i really love :smile:
  9. Great handbag! Congratulations on your first! Whenever I say that I always feel that I am congratulating someone on their first newborn! : ) Wear it in the best of health.

    Oh and I have a Twiggy, and I absolutely agree that Balenciaga can be worn by the non-skinny of us too!

    I wish you well,

  10. omigosh, Roo, your new purse is gorgeous!!!...i've got it in emerald & i think it's my favorite one ;)
  11. Beautiful! Love the purse style and love that color!
  12. Roo, congrats on your ink purse. it looks fabulous!!!
    be never stops at just one bbag.;)
  13. The Purse looks fabulous in ink! Wow! What a beauty! Congrats!
  14. congrats on ur new purchase! im sure there'll be many more to come!
  15. LOVE IT, congrats!
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