My very first 2 pairs of Louboutin's and TB Reva's!

  1. Hello All,

    I am so happy to share my very first pairs designer shoes.

    I want to add that there is such a BIG difference in comfort when it comes down to my Steve Madden pumps vs. my Louboutin's. The heels on the CL's are about 4.5inches (more or less) tall, and my Steve Madden's are about 3.5 inches... I cant believe that the CL's are so much more comfy vs. the lower heels. I use to think that they were all the same when it comes to high heeled shoes, but I have learned that high end designers (well, at least for CL's) are so much more comfy then low end shoes.

    I feel a great addiction coming on. This is SOO not good for my wallet.

    Anywho, introducing:.

    Black Patent Decolettes

    Black Stain Very Prive

    And the last pictures are my Tory Burch Blk Leather with Gold h/w (the most comfy flats ever!)

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. I love your black patent CLs!
  3. Those Decolletes are especially divine. Congratulations.
  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL and very sensible for your "firsts." I have those TB Reva flats and LOVE them!! Enjoy!
  5. Very classy!!
  6. gorgeous shoes! welcome to the CL addiction club
  7. What great choices! Enjoy them...
  8. OHHH THE DECOLETTES!! thats the pair I;m looking for! SO GORGEOUS
  9. wow, i love them all! congrats
  10. those are lovely! I'm glad to hear they are comfy. I'm always looking for the most comfortable shoes that are still heels. I don't have any CLs yet but I'm looking for the perfect pair for my first.
  11. ^^ me too, exactly! where did you find the CL decolletes?? :nuts: they are TDF!
  12. i luv all three, congrats!
  13. I love all of them. :smile:
  14. gorgeous CLs. congrats.
  15. WOW....LOVEEEE them all!!
    I have the Decollette......enjoy them! I love them! The TB Reva's are a great too!