My very favorite bag -- ever!!

  1. Some of you know that I fell in love with the Shih Cody bag. I found it on Sway and Cake, hesitated, lost it and then embarked on a hunt. I found it on sale at anthropologie for $199 and went for it. I have had many bags, but this one is my surprise love it, hug it, wear it, adore it favorite. It fits so comfortably on my shoulder and stays there. (I have a problem with purse-drop-off-the-shoulder.)

    The leather feels marvelous and the prugna shade, which is really a burgundy IMO, is a nice neutral.

    Just sharing my Shih Cody adoration with y'all, because I know you understand.

  2. Of course we understand :yes: I hate when straps fall down too (especially when there are two and only one keeps flopping down, that's the worst!) I love this color!
  3. I REALLY like that! The strap adds a very cool look to the bag.
  4. Really neat style and color. Love it.
  5. Such a pretty color!
  6. i really like that handle, it's so cute!
  7. Beautiful bag; I love the color.
  8. It's so pretty! I love SHIH bags too. Her designs are so unique and the leather is fabulous
  9. ooh congrats! the pebbled leather looks really yummy :yes:
  10. very cute! congrats on your deal!
  11. It looks great and smooshy comfortable.
  12. I love that it's a shoulder bag! Obv, that's always my first question about a bag.

    Do you have any pics modeling the bag?
  13. Beautiful! :heart:
  14. Great it lightweight?? Would love to see modeling pics!!
  15. That is so cute! I love the unique style of it and the color is just lovely!