My very expensive Coach toiletry bag....

  1. Am I crazy????

    I have a signiture tote that I bought several years ago. I have tried to sell it a couple times on Kijiji and no luck. It is kind of small (13x7x3) So today I am getting things ready for your trip to Minot for a few days and am looking for my bag I usually use and it is looking a little run down. It hit me....why not use my coach bag? So I did......... I crazy to do this??
  2. No you're not crazy!! That's a great idea! As my collection grows I think about what I'll do with bags that I don't carry that much but can't bear to part with. I'll probably do like you did- find a creative way to use them.
  3. Ur not crazy :biggrin: i think its fine, i used my other MK canvas tote as my toiletry bag..dump everything in there n good to go :p have a good trip
  4. Why not! If it works for it!
  5. i say use it!! Its better than having it sit right!
  6. I have a small red leather demi pouch type bag that i got for 10 dollars at thrift and it's no doubt too small for me to use for anything so I was going on a trip and thought...perfect make up bag. So it stays in the bathroom with cosmetics in it ever since.
  7. I have an pewter embossed capacity wristlet that DH bought me as a gift. It is lovely, but a bit on the small side so I have used it for cosmetics for the last couple of years. It hasn't been damaged and I get to enjoy it every day. I think it is better to use something even if it isn't for its stated purpose.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input! I haven't used this bag for a very long time so now I will put it to good use!
  9. I don't see anything wrong with that
  10. If you have it, use it! There's nothing wrong with repurposing something. Yay for finding a use for something that would otherwise be stuck in your closet! :smile:
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    I have a Coach cosmetic bag that I use for my insulin. It has lasted years and still looks as good as new. You can use Coach for anything. I think it is a great idea.

    By the way, I think that bag is super cute :yes:
  12. I'm a believer in re-purposing many things. I use a handbag I'm not crazy about as a craft bag. I'm a knitter and it's perfect for toting my current project around in.
  13. i like your thinking ... put it to good use.
  14. Yes, you're crazy.

    No, not for using your Coach bag - but for going to Minot /voluntarily/ and /on purpose/!!


  15. ^^^ :lol: Haha, too funny! I had no idea what Minot was, I figured it was a store. You made me look it up..........