My very cute reveal... Not what you'd think

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  1. My reveal is not a bag or the latest accessory.... My new twin grand babies ...





    They're preemies a little over 3 pounds .... So tiny but doing well :smile:
  2. They are beautiful! Congratulations and prayers for their growth and health!
  3. omg!!! they are soooooo cute!!! precious little ones... congrats!!!
  4. Beautiful. Congratulations.
  5. They are so sweet! Congratulations!
  6. Congratulations!!!
  7. The very best reveal, ever!
  8. Oh, they are so sweet! Congratulations and glad to hear they are doing well :smile:
  9. Hello,

    Awww! They are so cute. Love the names too.
  10. They are adorable. LOVE this reveal. Congrats!!!!
  11. So adorable! My granddaughter was just a little bigger. Congratulations!
  12. Oh my gosh the best reveal ever!

    Grow little babies, grow... best wishes to the entire family! :smile::smile::smile:
  13. They are so sweet, Congrats, Aren't grand babies the best. I have 6 of them.
  14. So beautiful, congratulations!
  15. Congrats to your and your family. Your gran twins and all children are special treasures, we are so lucky to be given these gifts. Hugs to all