my very Coach xmas!

  1. This year was a very merry Coach christmas for me and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. My mom was giving me some odd looks as I lined up all my things for the photo shoot haha.

    My parents got me the two things on my wishlist I wanted most: Carly medium in khaki/black and the Coach perfume. I am so in love with both! They also surprised me with the picture frame keyfob!! My younger sister got me a Coach giftcard that I am planning on using to get a new wallet to match my Carly.

    My wonderful boyfriend had been listening to me gush over ranskimmies brass heart key ring and when I learned on tPF that they could still be ordered from JAX I "mentioned" to him the item number lol. He called JAX and ordered me the key ring!! :love:I was soo excited and I think it looks great on my Carly! Here are the pics!!





  2. Congrats..but I can't see pics!
  3. Sounds like a great holiday for you, but I cannot see pics, either!
  4. CONGRATS!!!! I cant see the pics!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats but I also can't see the pics :sad:
  6. Sorry you can't see the pics I am still getting used to photobucket. Which link do you use of the four they give you to post pics on the forum? I'll post these pics as attachments but if anyone knows how to post these using photobucket can you please help me out? :smile:

    coach xmas 2007 001.jpg

    coach xmas 2007 002.jpg

    coach xmas 2007 003.jpg

    coach xmas 2007 004.jpg

    coach xmas 2007 005.jpg
  7. love the heart hanging off the bag !
  8. Everything is great, I love the Coach Heart with Your Beautiful Bag! I want the perfume!
  9. congrats on ur new stuff! i want that brass heart, may i ask what the style # is?
  10. Congrats! I got the Med Carly in khaki/black myself...and it's SUCH a classic bag...I can't believe I didnt' like the carly's for so long!

    my heart fob is coming soon you just need to hang a legacy ponytail scarf off your bag, and we're total bag twins! heheh

    congrats on your beautiful presents! wear them well!
  11. so very cute!! I love the tattersal box, I didn't know they made one. I seriously have to get myself that large perfum. I have the purse spray and it's so not enough for me. Everytime I wear my Coach perfume, my 4 year old INSTANTLY knows I'm wearing it cuz he'll tell me "mommy you smell like Coach".
  12. Congrats, LOVE the brass heart and the Carly!
  13. congrats! you got some great xmas gifts.
  14. Cute keychain! Congrats.
  15. What a cute keychain! Lovely gifts.