My very belated b-day present from my hubby...Cartier....

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  1. #1 Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    Santos 100 - limited production with green mother of pearl dial and silver strap.

    I absolutely loved it. I am usually not a watch person, but I just love the green mother of pearl dial, it's so pretty. :woohoo:

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  2. Wow....that is a stunning watch!! I have the regular Santos myself, but have never seen this one!!:confused1:

    All I can say is, can your DH breathe on my DH? What a sweetheart to get you such an awesome gift!!!

    That watch gets a triple drool from me!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    Congrats & wear in good health!! :yahoo::wlae:
  3. Forgot to ask (too busy drooling:drool:)....are there different band options? Love the white, but just wondering if it comes in different colors?
  4. Thank you for your kind words, Lady*Blue. You are too nice. I believe they do come in different colors, like light pink, light blue, black, bordeaux. I was hoping they have light green so that it can match this watch, but unfortunately 'not yet'.

    Yes, I do have a very nice sweetheart. I tried on this watch with him before but I thought it's too expensive so I passed. He knew I like it and he is very thankful that I stayed home with our baby for a year. I am very happy!
  5. Thanks for the reply!! I :heart: the white, but would worry that it would get ruined!! It seems like whenever I wear white anything, it attracts a stain or mark of some kind!! :P

    How much are the additional bands? What size is the watch? Is it the ladies size?

    Do you have a boy or girl? My son is 2.5 already! Time goes by very fast! I left my full-time job to work around my husband's schedule so we didn't have to put him in day care. I'm sure there are some day care facilities out there that are exemplary, but it was a personal choice we made before we decided to have children, and have been blessed to follow through with that goal.

    If you ask me, that watch was the perfect gift for all of the hard work you do and don't get a formal paycheck!!!!:party:
  6. Congratulations! Your new watch is absolutely fabulous.
  7. Congrats, your watch is stunning!!! Great Hubby!!:tup:
  8. It's the 1st time i've seen this model & Oh Wow! :tup: that's one beautiful watch! Congratulations & enjoy wearing it!
  9. it's stunnnning :smile: Enjoy it
  10. Happy belated birthday and congrats on such a beautiful watch.
  11. Congrats - it's a gorgeous watch. Love the color combination of the watch face and the strap. Happy belated birthday.
  12. Congrats! Your new watch is gorgeous!
  13. It's very beautiful
  14. wow love the watch!!! =)
  15. it's lovely - enjoy it!