My very Artsy reveal!! MM in LoVe!!!

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  1. Here she is, I would do a model shot, but seriously, I am tired and in my jammies!!! Here I have my Insolence charm on it, not sure which I will keep on the bag for now, the long clochette is nice, but I love my Insolence on her!!(won't keep both on together) The strap is flexible and very comfortable over the shoulder too! My thanks to Michael and Dean at the Bravern LV!!

  2. Congratulations! Your speedy in the background is very nice too.. :smile:
    I love shopping at the Bravern LV as well, their service is so great!
  3. WOW....absolutely the charm on happy for you!!!:biggrin:
  4. Congrats, she's lovely!
  5. congrats! I love it with your charm! Perfect!
  6. Congrats and thanks for the side view shot. I want a Mirage Speedy sooooo bad!
  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  8. Beautiful!! Congrats :smile:
  9. Such a pretty bag!
    Makes me love mono so much more!
  10. Congrats on your new bag, it's gorgeous! I didn't realize we were so close, I live about 8 minutes from the Bravern.......not a good thing LOL! I like both the charms on it together, I think it looks fun! Enjoy your new artsy:yahoo:
  11. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  12. love it! congrats! post modeling shots when you can!
  13. Love it! I like your charm on it. Maybe you could use the other one inside the bag to hold something? Or just take it off altogether. Love your Mirage Speedy, too!
  14. congrats...i tried on the artsy today and loved it...did u bend the handle a little??? i was wondering if i'd have to bend it to shape it a little before i could wear it...

    well, enjoy!!
  15. Congrats, I do hope you decide to keep her ! :yes: