My very 1st vintage Hermes drag bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    Because of this wonderful forum and all the wonderful ppl who frequent this forum, I have learned quite a few things, especially about Hermes products. wanted to let everyone know that finally, I got this bag.. it is not new, in fact, it is vintage, but i think that is a good start, especially because we are planning a trip to Vegas this november and this will give me a good amount of time to save up for another Hermes bag... maybe a Kelly? don't know yet.... anyways, I had been bidding on so many Hermes items on ebay and do not really win anything so i was not expecting to win this (I made a bid on it previously but I didn't get it).... and now, i finally got one.. hehe.... just a quick question though.. the zipper pull is missing inside, can I get a replacement when I go to a Hermes store in Vegas? All help are very much appreciated.. thanks all again for being so kind with your expertise.. now, i want scarves..

    eBay: Special order vintage HERMES navy/white drag bag (item 300024753264 end time Sep-10-06 17:00:00 PDT)
  2. Blux, be prepared. That bag is probably going to have to be sent to Paris to have the entire zipper replaced. So you may not be seeing her for a few months. Other than that, nice find!!!! I love the Drag!!!
  3. thanks so much hermesgroupie.. so when I go to the store, I can just request for it to be replaced then? I really do not know much about Hermes items yet but I do plan on having it replaced..... so any info on how the process work will be so much appreciated.. thanks again..
  4. Congrats Blux, I love the colors! :flowers:
  5. thanks crochetbella.. now, I am so excited.. this is gonna kill bf if he finds out.. hmmm, thank God, it may have to be sent to Paris to be replaced.. lol.. he wont see it right away.. heheh..
  6. Yes, you can drop it of at Las Vegas where they will ship it to Beverly Hills for an evaluation. Beverly Hills handles repairs for the West Coast and NYC for the East Coast. From Beverly Hills they may ship to Paris for the repair. You can request it be returned to you directly for a fee. An estimate will be given to you at the time and a service request form that you must sign before the bag is taken. You will then be given a copy.
  7. oh so in Beverly Hills then.. maybe I can send it to my bro so he can just take it there directly.... gosh, I swear I learn so much from you wonderful ladies.. thanks again for this info... I so very much appreciate it.. thanks again...
  8. ^^^^^That may save transit time.
  9. thanks so much again.... now, I have to remove the smile I have on my face so bf does not know I had bought something again.. lol lol... gosh, that is so hard.. so happy I finally won something.. hehe...
  10. Beautiful vintage piece, bluxcape! Congratulations!!!
  11. Oh, I just LOVE those vintage babies....they are so wonderful with such history!

    CONGRATULATIONS Bluxcape! That was a great score!!!!!
  12. What a great bag Bluxcape--Congratulations!!!
  13. thanks all... I really think so too.. last time this was on ebay, the reserve price was not met, and it went for over 1400 us dollars.. and gosh, I only got this beauty for not even a grand.. that is so much cheaper.. hehehe... now, I have extra money to buy the scarves.. lol...
  14. FAB bag - love the colours - very it!!
  15. Congratulations, Blux! What a great find!!