My very 1st Hermes bag :)

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  1. Hi ladies & gents,

    I'd like to share my joy of having my very 1st Hermes bag! It's the V Day present and I was originally considering a Picotin. While doing researches on the internet, I found that a Lindy might suit my lifestyle better.

    I went for the "Lindy Hunt Trip" on Thursday. I was able to locate a 26cm & a 30cm in gold at 2 different Hermes stores. After trying them on I prefer a 30cm, but not in gold. I have to say that the gold color is so elegance & nice, however I have a few BVs in the same color tone, and I'd like to have the Lindy in some fun bright color such as the signature orange. I know there's a slim chance to get it (or other styles) in orange but there's no harm to ask right? So when the SA asked me about my color preference, I said "orange" hesitatingly.

    After a short while she came back with a big orange box, and it's still sealed with the cellophane! She told me that it just came in a day ago. My eyes & mouth were opened wide for quite some seconds... I just couldn't believe how lucky I was!

    I didn't take out my credit card immediately, I know I should cool down a bit to avoid impulse-buying. The SA was so kind to hold the bag for me for the rest of the day, and of course I returned later that day and brought this beauty back home with me! So may I present my very first Hermes bag, Lindy 30cm in orange clemence! Oh and I took the SA's advice and got 2 twillies for the handles too! :yahoo:
    [PS. Sorry for the long post but as you may feel I'm really excited about this and want to tell you every bit of details... Thank you for letting me share!]

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  2. Congratulation:yahoo::yahoo:on your orange lindy. It's such a beautiful color. Love it!!!
  3. That's soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooorgy, congrats..........[​IMG]
  4. Great choice! Congrats!
  5. Lovely and super choice on the twillys.
    What a super signature Hermes bag.
    Looks FAB on you.
  6. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this bag and love the color wear it well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What a beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  8. Congrats on your first H bag! Great choice.
  9. what a beauty! Congrats! I also love the matching twillies
  10. oh lovely bag and yes the twillies are just made for that orange! congratulations!
  11. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  12. Stunning! Talk about eye candy.:biggrin: Enjoy her!
  13. Congratulations! Lovely choice for twillies to go with your Orange Clemence Lindy!

    Welcome to the Orange Side.
  14. Gorgeous!!! and Congrats :woohoo:
  15. Lovely, lovely bag. Congratulations!