My very 1st Goyard purchase...

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  1. Great choice ! Lovely colour! :smile:
  2. Very nice, congrats!!
  3. That colour is amazing, I've been trying to decide between the PM or the GM.

    Do you mind me asking how tall you are and if the GM is overwhelming?
  4. I'm really excited I,m going to get my first Goyard when i go to Paris this summer. I will join you ladies with the reveal.
  5. Beautiful choices - LOVE the wallet, in particular! I'm sure the two will be a great addition to your collection
  6. Hi! I am about to purchase my second Goyard. The first one is black. I'm confused between getting the yellow or the light blue color. I live in Tokyo and I see mostly darker goyards around. I'm so confused !! :confused1:
  7. :help So I looked at both bags in the store ! To my list of already confusing options I add light grey as well..Which one of these should I get Yellow, Grey or light blue :confused1::help:
  8. I'll choose the yellow one. It's very pretty.
  9. love it , is the best olso in this color
  10. The best reward after a blood test is to go shopping! Enjoy your first Goyard purchase :smile:
  11. Ohh the yellow, definitely the yellow!

  12. The GM is pretty big on me. I am 5'1" so I fold it in when I use it. I am using it more for traveling or to the beach. I think the PM is good for everyday.
  13. Use your lovely bags in good health.
  14. Absolutely gorgeous❤️❤️❤️congrats and enjoy!!
    I have the red in the pm size!!!
  15. may i know the current price of the st.louis pm?

    TIA! :smile:
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