My Vert Thyme Day is here! And, another lil' ink nugget....

  1. It is a terrible day to try to take pics. Gloomy and sleeting. But I did the best I could. Presenting my brand new 08 Vert Thyme Day, photographed with my 08 Black Day. Also, check out my first-ever Balenciaga wallet, an Ink Mini Compagnon. I love VT much, much more that I thought I would. I am so relieved, I was afraid I might not like it in person. Now I am done buying for a long, long time but I am so content and happy about what I have. A big thanks to hgbags!
    vt1.jpg vt3.jpg vt6.jpg vt2.jpg vt4.jpg
  2. Very nice, congrats on your new lovely bag!!!
  3. Oh, and one more....
  4. LoriB,

    I have been so skeptical of VT and your bag has changed my opinion. It seemed rather drab and pale but your Day has a warmth and richness of color. Very nice addition to your growing collection of Days.

    Where's a blue one--you're missing blue!?
  5. Oooooh very pretty! I really like the color, and your Ink wallet is beautiful too! Enjoy your new purchases!!
  6. :tup::yahoo::tup:
  7. Lovely!!
  8. Your new Day looks really saturated in color, congrats! :tup: I think it will break in beautifully!
    Can you post modeling pics?
  9. Stunning, gorgeous, fabulous bag!!!
  10. Pretty! This is the one color (VT) that I haven't seen in person this season, it photographs differently every time, but I like every photo I've seen. (and I've never really met a green I didn't like). Yours looks especially nice!
  11. Lori, the vert thyme is beautiful! I like the distressing all over. :tup:

    Thanks for posting pictures so promptly. I'm still no closer to understanding the colour -- it looks different in every photo!
  12. oooh gorgeous! and i love the ink piece too!
  13. wow LoriB...she's beautiful! :love: congrats on the new purchase! :flowers:
  14. stunning!! I love the pics
  15. Congrats on your Yoda Day!! :yahoo: Your ink nugget is sweet as well ;)