My Vert Gazon w/RH came today!

  1. It arrived a few minutes ago. I grabbed the camera and here are two pics, the lefthand pic = inside, the righthand pic = outside. This is my second Balenciaga.
    vertcityinside.jpg vertcityoutshade.jpg
  2. SO. GORGEOUS. Congrats!! :heart:
  3. I love it!!! I think I am going to get this in the part-time.
  4. VG is such an amazing color! enjoy your new beauty :heart:
  5. I love it!!! Congrats!
  6. Beautiful!! :tup:Congratulations!
  7. WOW.. what a stunning green!! Congrats :tup:
  8. I love VG, it is lovely...Congrats
  9. How beautiful and what a gorgeous colour! Congratulations.

    I wish you well,

  10. OooooooooooooooH how gorgeous! this is the exact one i am getting soon! congrats to us both!!!
  11. Beautiful!:heart:
  12. One of the best colors of S/S collection.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  13. stunning! one of the greens I actually do like i must say!
  14. Just got mine yesterday, great color! Congrats!!!
  15. Love that color!!! One of my faves!:party: